beach experences1. Which avenues do EPIC MARKETERS ENTERPRISE use to market and advertise the listed brands in its site?

EPIC MARKETERS ENTERPRISE uses online marketing as its main marketing tool for all the listed brands listed on our site to reach millions of potential tourists worldwide.

2. Is EPIC MARKETERS ENTERPRISE a marketing Agent?

No, we are purely 100% global marketing platform who markets all the listed brands on our site where we market those brands to millions of potential tourists spread across the globe.

3. Do potential clients contact EPIC MARKETERS ENTERPRISE on behalf of the owners of the listed brands on our site?

No, what we embarked from day one of our operations is to provide a platform, a system only where all the potential tourists visit our global marketing platform and choose the African countries destinations they would prefer to visit and go through the hotels listed on each countries of their choice,they are supposed to contact them directly with the contacts they have provided.

4. From which Countries do we allow brands to be listed on our site?

We at EPIC MARKETERS ENTERPRISE we only concentrates and allows brands from the 54 African countries and the five dependent territories only.

5. At what price range do EPIC MARKETERS ENTERPRISE accepts listing to be listed on its site?

We at EPIC MARKETERS ENTERPRISE,we do not discriminate on either low priced nor high priced brands,our desire is to list all the hotels and the related few sectors from all the Africans countries for potential tourists to choose their tourist destination points quickly and seamlessly and it is for that reason that we have classified all the types of hotels.