beach expericencesA platform developed diligently where all types and classification of hotels inclusive of few related sectors do market their brands,products and services to both local & international Tourists who embark to travel to any country in the continental Africa of their choice, powered by EPIC MARKETERS ENTERPRISE.


To aggressively market and advertise all the listing to millions of potential local and international Tourists worldwide who desire to tour any country destination in Africa.


To be the most preferred Hotels marketing platform worldwide for Continental Africa tours.


To become the after sought hotels_marketing platform worldwide by Tourists seeking to visit any country of their choice in the African Continent.

Who we are/About Us

We are the leaders globally in hotels industry marketing and advertisement,the absolute platform enabler for Tourists visiting any destination in the African Continent.

We aggressively outsource and list all the tourists destinations in entire African countries and list the same on our global platform and present it to Millions of potential Tourists spread globally.


  • Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) and Programmatic Advertising (AD) which are our core robust marketing strategy to reach thousands and millions of potential Tourists and clients locally and globally to visit your hotels and listed organization in their Africa's country's destination of choice.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Ads
  • Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing (EM)
  • 24 /7 / 365 Support
  • Programmatic advertising takes this a step further by leveraging Artificial Intelligence marketing  to automate hotel booking,buying and placing ads also in the other listed organization. This means highly efficient campaigns that reach the right audience at the right time. Programmatic advertising also enhances your brand's presence across various digital platforms.
  • Precise Targeting: Reach the exact audience that aligns with your hotel,organization business values and programs.
  • Real-Time Optimization: Programmatic advertising allows us to analyze performance on the fly and make immediate adjustments.
  • Multi-Channel Presence: Your brand will be seen across various platforms, from social media to websites, enhancing your presence dramatically.

Our Artificial intelligence-driven marketing strategies will:

  • Personalize Communications: Artificial Intelligence marketing helps in crafting personalized content for potential clients, making your hotel booking and your organization services enquiries offerings more engaging and relevant.
  • Predictive Analytics: We use Artificial Intelligence marketing  to predict trends and adjust your marketing efforts in real time, ensuring the best results at any given moment.
  • Cost-Efficiency:  Artificial Intelligence marketing minimizes ad wastage by directing resources to where they're most effective.

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Tourist/Travellers and Clients visiting our platform:

TRAVEL54.AFRICA aims at providing all the Tourist/Travellers and clients within Africa and those who plan to visit any of the 54 African countries and the5 dependent territories from foreign countries with broad,trustworthy,opulent,elegant,pocket_friendly,exclusive,amazing hotel brands and top_notch unmatched services from highlighted,vetted and approved organizations brands that suits your needs and expectation for your stay,be it for holiday,business,gateaways,vacation or family travel.

We have Categorized all the different types and classes of Hotels hence making it easier for you to choose the class and type of hotel you desire for example be it one-star hotels,two-star hotels,three-star hotels,four-star hotels,five-star hotels,resorts,business hotels,family hotels among other classification,this is a unique aspects in our platform that saves time and assures all the tourists/travellers and clients that what they desire,have booked is the same expectation they will get upon arrival,no room for error or disappointments.

We have listed the very best organization brands in these categories: Tour Travel companies and guides,Shopping Malls,Serviced apartments ( AirBnB),Fully Furnished Apartments,Landmarks and Tourist Scenary Places,Hospitals,Pharmacies,clinics,Ambulance services,Exclusive Entertainment Joints,Foreign Exchange Bureaus,Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers companies,Banks and Microfinance institutions,Approved Taxis and Airport Transfer Services,High End Membership Clubs and Real Estate companies who are known to offer the very best,highly competitive and quality services and products beyond clients and entire stakeholders expectation.

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Benefits Associated While Listing With us:

  • You will receive large number of clients and tourists/travellers bookings in your hotel and purchasing of your  great services from your organization since we are deploying the latest high end digital marketing and advertisement of our platform in the new world¬_era and your listing (Artificial intelligence marketing,Programmatic Advertising,digital marketing among other very complex and rare modern marketing tools) all to ensure your brand visibility in your niche country market and globally.
  • You are 100 % manager on the content you upload on our platform,you can change,amend,add more content that you desire using your login details,once you register with us,our systems creates a permanent account for you to be uploading your listing wherever you wish.
  • You will get the profile and Brand in our iconic platform.
  • Unlimited number of contents:images in your listing.
  • Link to your website.
  • We give you an opportunity to Embed youtube videos of your brand.
  • On renewal ( after 12 months) you only pay 25 USD instead of 50 USD ( you are given 50 % discounts in the subsequent years.
  • Easy laid down¬_steps for sign up and login in for uploading of your listing on our continental platform.
  • You will have Reduced costs related to advertising and marketing by such a wide margin since we shall enable thousands and millions of potential tourists/travellers and clients be with know how on where your hotel is located,in which country,salient features of your hotel,charges to expect and services your organization are offering.
  • We have designed and developed our platform in such a way that the potential tourist/travellers ,once they hit on our platform and your listed hotel brand,services and organization,our robust systems immediately in real time diverts that enquiry and notification to your hotel for your staff to engage with that potential client and tourist and they can immediately in real time book rooms in that very hotel or buy the services your organization are offering.
  • For us we are providing a link up between thousands and millions of potential tourist/travellers spread globally with the few listed hotels and organization that are listed with us (we dont want to confuse the potential clients and tourists/travellers with so many listed hotels and organizations offering the same services in the same radius of location,we shall only approve few listing (50 in total) per every category and per every country).
  • You will attract your ideal and expected guests and clients from locally and internationally.
  • We know exactly that creativity is what attracts clients and commands their attention,also we knows that personalization is what delivers the right message to the right target at the right time to convert a prospect tourist/travellers and client into a booking and paying customer and that is what exactly we are doing,its what differentiates us from our competitors.
  • We also know that creativity and personalization dont happen by chance and one of the biggest challenges hotels and other businesses have long faced is how to combine these valuable assets to deliver both relevance and innovation and to do it big,the good thing is that in today's World,  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are solving that problem,the exact solution we are providing.
  • We are in depth knowledge that its of paramount importance to ensuring effective digital marketing in today's ever-evolving travel,hotel industry and all organization businesses;is among one of the core solution we are offering.
  • We as TRAVEL54.AFRICA are only interested with quality and not quantity and for that reason ,in each and every category we have developed and provided for our clients, we shall only approve the very first 50 listings per category per country only,our policy is ''first come first serve''this will ensure that the tourist and clients we expect,target and those who will be making destination choice in that country will have fewer hotels and organizations to choose from and in the process all the listed brands will be getting clients,sales and enjoy the benefits associated in listing with us.
  • There is no similar match of such a global platform designed for African continent like the one we have developed in such a way that TRAVEL54.AFRICA we have summarized in each and every of the 54 African countries and the 5 dependent territories key aspects that clients and potential tourists/travellers looks for which is:Tourism visa enquiry contacts and information from each country,Currency used,Calling Code,Capital City,Official Language used,the Current Government and Legislature type (to determine their expected safety in that country they intend to visit).
  • Our uniqueness and difference with other marketing platforms also is that ,we dont get paid by hotels nor organizations any commission when the hotel rooms are booked by potential tourist or clients or when they buy services from the listed organization,this has been the trend with our competitors,our way of doing business is very different where we only charge very affordable listing charge at 50 USD which caters for permanent listing and membership on our platform which is paid only once,then we embark on aggressive marketing drive and advertisement of all the listing on our global platform,this is much cheaper and affordable to all of our potential clients spread in all the 54 African countries and the 5 dependent territories.
  • We have categorized all the types and classes of hotels hence making easier for you to upload your brand and content in the category where your hotel lies,this is very important to potential tourists/travellers and various clients who are very specific on which type and class of the hotels they wants to book and engage the services from organization.
  • I invite you to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence,Global Digital Marketing and Programmatic Advertising with us in taking your hotel booking,organization and business to new heights. Let's work together to develop a tailored strategy that fits your goals and marketing budget, driving remarkable results in terms of brand awareness,hotel bookings and increasing your organization visibility and sales.